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We believe in using modern methods of construction (MMCs) to make a difference. By using off-site modular construction methods we are able to make bespoke, affordable homes and garden rooms for anyone. Our Pods are all built onshore using light gauge steel, we then deliver your Pod and drop it into place. Limiting site disruption, and the air and noise pollution of traditional builds.

Factory-Controlled Affordable Homes & Garden Rooms

In our Co. Meath-based purpose-built factory, we will build affordable homes for first-time buyers, extensions for homeowners and everything in-between. We pride ourselves in building every pod to perfection and delivering in as little as 12 weeks. Each Pod is assembled in factory conditions allowing for extra precision in our builds and eliminating the risk of setbacks due to adverse conditions. So you can be certain of consistent quality and low lead times.

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When you work with us to develop your dream Pod we will start with a base model. From there our designers will work alongside you to create the Pod of your dreams. Each pod is highly customisable, from the basic layout to the inclusion of solar panels or the level of insulation.  If you’d like to change our three-bedroom model into a one bed or even a studio we’re happy to accommodate.

Pod 17 - The Pod Factory

Pod 17

Measuring 3.6m x 5.8m, the pod 17 is ideal for an extra space for your home. Suitable for a home office while working from home, a yoga, gym or music studio, or even just a place to relax away from the main house. The pod 17 is the garden room for you.

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Pod 22 - The Pod Factory

Pod 22

Measuring 3.6m x 7.5m, the pod 22 has been designed to maximise space and comfort. Including a double bedroom, bathroom and an open plan living and dining area. Class it as an extra living space or a modern day granny flat, the Pod 22 is ideal to be lived in all year round.

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Pod 52 - The Pod Factory

Pod 52

Measuring 7.2m x 8.5m, the Pod 52 is nothing short of a fully funcional family home. With two bedrooms, bathroom, and an open plan living, kitchen and dining area you’ll be spoilt for choice in where to relax and unwind in the evenings. The Pod 52 has everything you need for your family home

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Pod 72 - The Pod Factory

Pod 72

Measuring 7.2m x 10.7m, the Pod 72 is the complete home. Three spacious bedrooms, bathroom and large open plan living, kitchen and dining area. As well as being a perfect family home, the Pod 72 would be ideal to be rented out as a holiday property. The Pod 72 is an investment into your future.

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Pod Extension - The Pod Factory

Pod Extension

As well as building individual structures, The Pod Factory also offer steel framed Pod extensions onto your existing house. Our designers will work alongside you to perfect your dream home. Not only will we add space to your house, we will also add value!

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Modular Homes Ireland - The Pod Factory

Modular Homes

The average house in Ireland now costs close to €300,000. Average build time of a new build is over 6 months. You could have a 3 bedroom house from The Pod Factory for more than half the cost of conventional and in a fraction of the time too!

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