Insuring Your Garden Office

As Irelands leading Pod and modular garden office manufacturer, we get asked many questions from potential clients. Most commonly, “Can a garden office be insured?” 

Before we answer that, we’ll go into a little bit about what exactly a modular garden room or office is. 

What Is A Modular Garden Room?

A modular garden room/office or even a modular home is a structure built off-site – In the case of The Pod Factory, built with a steel frame in our purpose-built factory in Co. Meath. Then once built, it is then transported to the site via lorry and then placed into position via crane. To find out more about our different types of Pods, garden room and modular homes click here. 

Now, back to the question of insurance. Since COVID, we still see many people working from home and in turn are seeing the rise in popularity of the garden office type structure that The Pod Factory offers. As more and more people are choosing to own a garden office, being able to insure it is now more important than ever. 

Patrick Caulfield, from Brokers Ireland states:

Most insurance companies will insure a home office as part of a home insurance policy up to a set sum insured by simply making them aware of it at the time of purchase

He later states, every policy is different so his best advice is to simply tell your insurance company.

Make The Most Of Our Partnership

As we mention on our social media pages and previous news posts, we are partnered with many Credit Union branches across Ireland – Our friends at the Credit Union Plus now offer home insurance and will speak with you about insuring your garden office. To make the deal sweeter, they are offering a €50 One4All gift card with every home policy! Get in touch with us to find out more about our partnership with the credit union and for more information on our Pods, call 0469026911. 

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