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Lowering Your Bills

Lowering Your Bills & Carbon Emissions

For the third time in five months, Electric Ireland has announced price increases to its customers.  This time, the price of electricity has risen by 26.7% – This equates to roughly an extra €38 per month.

This rise in prices has come after Bord Gaís has also announced a rise in prices of 27%, adding an extra €320 per year to your household bills.

We can help

How does The Pod Factory help clients combat such high prices?  As standard, we install multiple layers of insulation in our Pods.  Insulation in your walls, floors and roof keep the heat in your home and avoid any leaks.  Poor insulation can cause up to 60% of your heat being lost causing you to feel the chill of the Irish climate.  Insulation is key in any household to not only stay warm in the winter months, but to also reduce our carbon emissions – Keeping the Earth healthy.  Insulation is so important that a group in the U.K called “Insulate Britain” have taken part in protests aimed to disrupt the day to day lives of people as much as possible until their “demands” are met.  They are calling for the government to properly insulate each home in the U.K by 2030, reducing the country’s carbon emissions and decreasing the speed of global warming.

Back to the Pods..

Our Pods are fitted as standard with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and Earthwool.  Due to both of these layers of insulation along with the high build quality, the U Value of our Pods can be measured and would be aligned with that of the building regulations.  What is a U Value? U Value is the rate of heat transfer or heat loss. The lower the U Value the less heat loss and the more efficient the insulation.  EPS is used as it provides great thermal insulation in several applications, especially residential structures.  Along with the EPS, Earthwool is used.  We use Earthwool as our second insulator because it has many benefits, mainly, being made from recycled materials, helping our Pods being as environmentally friendly as possible.  Also, Earthwool is non-combustible, meaning if exposed to fire, the Earthwool will slow the rate of the spread because it won’t catch fire itself.

The high quality of the insulation in your new Pod, combined with the double glazed windows and doors allow the Pod to keep the heat inside where it’s supposed to be and prevent leaks.  The absence of heat loss only means great things for you!  It means your Pod is easier to heat and stays warmer for longer.  This in turn lowers your energy bills and also reduces your carbon emissions.

To find out more about our pods or if you would like to hear more technical information on any aspect of modular homes, get in touch with us today on 0469026911 or use the form on our contact page.

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