Metal Frame Construction Light Gauge Steel Frame

We build our pods with a metal frame construction using light gauge steel instead of timber.  This has a number of benefits, but the biggest one is the stability offered by LGS. While timber is liable to twist, crack, or rot when it’s not in ideal conditions, LGS is able to withstand the hardships of time and weather. Giving you a Pod that you know will last.

Modular Method
Built Offsite

LGS allows us to use off-site modular construction for our Pods. Being able to build off-site means little to no disruption of the site, whether that be the garden of a family home or an empty field. This carries a number of ecological benefits like reducing noise and air pollution. We use a stable factory environment to build our Pods, this ensures that our Pods are built to the highest standard every time and cuts down on lead times.

Light gauge steel is robust and strong, using LGS and our construction methods means that our Pods can easily be transported and installed on-site via crane.

Benefits of Metal Frame Pods

Versatility & Long Spans

  • Steel is 100% accurate unlike timber which can, warp or shrink in certain conditions.

Cost Effective

  • Steel is cost effective as it facilitates modular construction and limits the number of trades required.

Won’t Rot, Twist or Crack

  • Galvanised steel is more durable than other materials like timber. While timber can be affected by humidity and rot, LGS wont, letting it last much longer.

Modular Method

  • Pre-fabricated indoors – so there is no time loss due to weather halting production.


  • 75% of steel used in light gauge steel houses is recycled making it more eco-friendly than concrete or timber homes.

Weight to Strength Ratio

  • It takes a lot less to achieve your building design, the weight to strength ratio is much higher than other building materials.

BER Rated

  • Our steel frame construction methods allow for incredibly high BER ratings that lower carbon footprints and energy costs of buildings.

Air Tightness

  • Air tightness is easily achieved with a steel framed system and makes the structure more economical to heat.

U Value

  • Steel frame construction allows us to reach better u-values than traditional construction.
Metal Frame Construction - The Pod Factory Ireland
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