Metal Frame Construction Light Gauge Steel Frame

Each Pod that leaves our factory is built with a Metal Frame Construction Light Gauge Steel frame – not timber. This has several benefits, most importantly the steel won’t rot, twist or crack as timber is liable to.

Garden Room Pods from The Pod Factory are built to withstand the elements and to last a lifetime.

Modular Method
Built Offsite

LGS aides us in using the modular method while constructing the Pods. Being able to build offsite causes little to no disruption of the site, whether that be the garden of a family home or an empty field.

Light gauge steel is robust and strong, because we have manufactured the Pods in this system, it allows the Pods to be lifted into position easily on site.

Benefits of Metal Frame Pods

Versatility & Long Spans

  • Steel is 100% accurate unlike timber

Long Spans, Opens Spaces

  • Steel is cost effective because of speed of construction and less trades are needed

Won’t Rot, Twist or Crack

  • Unlike timber steel does not rot twist or crack it is galvanized and has a long life span

Modular Method

  • Pre-fabricated indoors – so there is no time loss to weather


  • 75% of steel used in light gauge steel houses is recycled

Weight to Strength Ratio

  • It takes a lot less to achieve your building design

BER Rated

  • High BER rating achieved

Air Tightness

  • Easily achieved with a steel framed system

U Value

  • Highest U values easily achieved with steel framed systems
Metal Frame Construction - The Pod Factory Ireland
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