Modular Home Movement in Ireland

With the interest surrounding modular homes in Ireland today, I think you could safely say that it is becoming a bit of a “movement” in Ireland. So, we’re here to tell you all about modular homes and answer some commonly asked questions.

What is a Modular Home?

Firstly, the term “modular home” is quite a broad term. Meaning we need to sort one from the other.

A modular home can mean anything from a portacabin to a multistory house, and everything in between, many people mistake them for a garden room to have in your house. While we offer a garden room and garden office products, they are entirely different. So, while thinking about modular homes, we need to be thinking of the right kind of modular home. But why would we be thinking of modular homes at all? What’s the problem with conventional homes?

Why Choose A Modular Home?

As we’ve seen recently in this country, housing is causing a serious headache for the powers that be. Recent census results have all but confirmed what President Michael D Higgins said recently:

“It is not a crisis anymore, it’s a disaster!”

The country’s population has increased to 5,123,536. Which is the highest population since pre-famine times. More people, means more need for housing. The average cost of a house now in Ireland is €280,000 and the average build time for a conventional house is a little over 6 months (…if everything goes smoothly).

Modular Housing - Housing Solution Ireland - The Pod Factory

Modular Housing – A Housing Solution

So why would the Irish Government look at modular housing as a solution to all its problems? We will use ourselves and our modular homes as an example. Our modular homes, or “Pods”, like our 2 bed POD 52 are manufactured within around 10 weeks and are ready to be lived in. With the modular method, we can fit multiple Pods on to the factory floor so multiple Pods can be built at the one time.

Cost of Modular Housing

The cost of our Pods would be much less than the average house. The price range for our living Pods would be between €55,000 and €120,000. For that price, you get a turn key ready house that has been completely customised to suit your own specifications. The Pod Factory isn’t limited to family homes, garden rooms and garden offices. As each Pod is 100% bespoke, the client can tailor it to suit their wishes.  If they want a large structure with several dormitories and a communal space, then that’s what they can get.

Solution Housing Problems Ireland - The Pod Factory

A Perfect Solution to Housing Problems

These types of Pods are perfect as the Government scrambles for ideas on how to house the homeless Irish and how to deal with the influx of Ukrainian refugees. If this is something that interests you or would like to ask us a few questions, we would welcome it! Get in touch via our contact page or send an email to us and we’ll get back to you asap!

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