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Modular and modern methods of construction are the hot topics of the mainstream media these days with the housing crisis seemingly worsening and the acceptance of over 30,000 refugees fleeing their homes in war-torn Ukraine. So, what better time is there to give you a few facts about our Pods and modular building in general! 

If you’re not already aware, modular means an offsite method of construction in factory-controlled conditions – then, delivering the finished product to the site. As with our Pods, modular builds can be done in a fraction of the time of a conventional build, they can also be built to the highest standard. The factory-controlled conditions mean no outside elements can have any negative impacts on the quality and the speed of the build. 

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Now, with the lack of housing and the Irish population growing steadily by the day – Modular housing has been brought into the limelight. Modular methods have even been brought up in Government meetings to discuss whether it can help solve the housing crisis. 

Simply, modular CAN be a solution to the current crisis when done right. By “done right” we mean by The Pod Factory! Our Pods are the highest quality. Not your usual garden room. Built with steel frames, fitted with multiple layers of insulation, a completely customizable interior layout and exterior finish, and can be built in as little as 8 weeks! The steel frames that are used in the Pods are built by our sister company, Metal Frame Construction. Metal Frame Construction possess an NSAI Agrement certification that ensures a minimum 60-year life span for our Pods, as well as being accredited by UKAS and receiving the CE mark on our products. 

Get in touch with us to find out more information on our Pods and you could be the owner of your very own brand new bespoke Pod! 

Taking all of the above into account, why not give The Pod Factory a call on 0469026911 or get in touch here and we’ll be able to give you your dream bespoke garden room that will last a lifetime and that is ready to be lived in 365 days a year. The difference is quality!