Pod 17 Case Study – The Smith Family

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for versatile and functional living spaces has become more vital than ever. The Smiths, a young family of four residing in a cozy suburban neighborhood, found themselves facing a growing need for additional space. With two children entering their teenage years and remote work becoming a staple, the confines of their home began to feel restricting. The once-spacious living room had to serve dual purposes: a makeshift home office for Peter and a recreational area for the kids. The family longed for a solution that would provide dedicated spaces for work, relaxation, and quality family time.


Toying with the idea of an extension, or a shed, Aoife began exploring options for how they can have a dedicated space in their home to work from home and give the kids an area to relax with their friends. Aoife stumbled across our site when Googling her options, and decided to submit an enquiry for our expert team to get in touch. From the initial call, Aoife and Peter were amazed with the opportunities we were able to provide to their home and make their dreams a reality. A key part of our solution was the ability to build the extra space off-site, and drop it in over their home via crane which meant that the work calls would be left undisturbed, and life in the Smith home could carry on as normal. 

Pod 17 being crane lifted

Pod 17 being lifted into the site for installtion

After visiting the Smith’s home and conducting a site survey, we knew we could provide a tailored solution: a beautifully designed bespoke Pod seamlessly integrated into their surrounding environment. With an understanding of the size available to use, the desires for the family’s build and ensuring we followed planning requirements, our expert team got to work on crafting the Smith’s dreams into a reality. The Pod’s design harmonized with the family’s aesthetic preferences while incorporating essential features for both an office and a relaxation area. Peter and Aoife were impressed by the attention to detail, ensuring that their unique requirements were met.


The delivery and installation of the Pod was swift and efficient, causing minimal disruption to the family’s routine and our use of pad foundations also meant that the back garden had less environmental disruption than alternative building solutions. The Pod provided a tranquil retreat for Peter, who now had a dedicated workspace free from the distractions of the home. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and ample natural light, the office Pod became his productivity haven. Meanwhile, the kids were delighted that they could escape into a world of their own, with space to chill out. The transformation extended beyond the physical space. With distinct areas for work and play, the family found a renewed sense of harmony in their lives. The parents could focus on their professional commitments while still being close to their kids. Weekends became more enjoyable as the family gathered in their new backyard oasis, sharing meals, stories, and creating lasting memories. The seamless integration of the Pod into their lifestyle was a testament to The Pod Factory’s commitment to enhancing lives through innovative solutions.

Pod 17 relaxation area

The relaxation area set up by the family in their bespoke Pod 17

The Smith family’s journey from space constraints to an enriched lifestyle underscores the remarkable impact of The Pod Factory’s Pods. By providing flexible, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solutions, The Pod Factory empowers families to create spaces that complement their unique needs and aspirations. Get in touch here to get started on your Pod 17 today!